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Did you know we have a new baker thats apart of the boba family?

While we still have our awesome original baker our new one specializes in cheesecake! All baked from scratch with the options of a sweet strawberry topping, or caramel with candied pecans, which are also both made home-made from scratch.


What do you guys think about hot cocoa milk tea? YUUUUMMMM.

The season is just around the corner and we have yummy new flavors releasing for the winter/holiday season! get excited!


Coffee? At Boba Suite?

Ever try coffee with your favorite bubble tea?

Well guess what?

Now you can! Come to the shop and try your favorite flavors with Coffee! 

So many changes are happening to Boba Suite!

From new additions to the menu, new employees…

It’s time to update the tumblr page!

Bear with us for a bit while we fix up our little blog!